the Society of Fibre Artists of the Annapolis River.

We are quilters, spinners, knitters, weavers, felters, crocheters, stitchers, rug hookers, dyers, basket-makers, paper-makers and more ! We are beginners and experienced artists.

We are those who love to work with fibre and those who appreciate that work.

Our mission is to promote and advance fibre-based art and craft through exhibitions, workshops and educational activities.

We aim to cultivate a vibrant fibre arts community by:

  • providing diverse and comprehensive fibre arts programming and educational activities;
  • promoting the fibre arts
  • connecting the fibre arts community;
  • inspiring and supporting fibre artists, organizations, businesses and educators; and
  • encouraging public understanding and appreciation of the fibre arts.
  • To learn how you can join SOFAAR, please check out our “membership” page.

Our 2019-2020 board members are:

Cheryl den Hartog: President
Grace Butland: Past President
Céleste Thibodeau-Stacey: Vice-President
Rachael Cheechoo: Treasurer
Cathy Malon: Secretary
Donna Conyers
Sharon Moody
Rosaire MacNeil
Annette Parker-Smith
Tammy Sanford-Hutchinson
Betty Wade


Our founding 2016 members are:

Cathy Malon: President
Cheryl den Hartog: Vice-President
Grace Butland: Treasurer
Christine Igot: Secretary
Marilyn Preus
Gail Robertson
Susan Caley-Purdy