Craft Supply De-Stash Sale & Tea

Calling all crafters! This is an event not-to-be-missed!! Quilting fabrics, notions, yarns, art supplies, craft books, etc. will be offered, along with a lovely plate of goodies, or just a beverage of your choice. For crafters interested in renting a table at the event, and for more information, please contact Carrie at

Mending Workshop – Anita Cazzola


My name is Anita Cazzola, a SOFAAR member, and also the local textile repair person in Annapolis Royal. I work out of the “Mani D’oro” studio.

I wanted to pass along some information about mending workshops that I am facilitating at H’arts in Annapolis Royal on select Sunday afternoons (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm) through the winter (starting November 19, 2023). These may be of interest to SOFAAR members. I will be starting with a basic stitching foundations workshop that is likely not needed for the SOFAAR members, but the following 4 workshops dive into specific repair techniques for mending woven and then knit materials.

Lots of information and workshop registration is here:

🎄✨   Winter Potluck Lunch   ✨🎄

Date: December 9, 2023. Time: 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm

Place: Paradise Community Hall

Event Details:

🎄 Winter Potluck Lunch, a potluck in the true sense of the word. There is no assignment of what to bring!!! So surprise us and contribute if you are able.

🎄 This is a great opportunity for all of us members to share our favourite Christmas or winter fibre piece. As always, it can be something you have made, been gifted, inherited, or purchased. Bring along the story of your piece to share with us all. Stories inspire us!

🎄 Bring your recipe for your Winter Potluck Lunch if you want. Bring along your own mug. Bring a friend if you like. Best of all bring yourself!

Everyone should feel comfortable wearing a mask as there are those nasty viruses out there!

National Button Day!


November 16th is National Button Day.

Anyone who has a button collection, a few family heirlooms, a few favourites or any that you have made, we invite you to bring them to our next Saturday Snips meeting on November 4th at the Granville Hall.

Please have your name with your buttons. We will have a display table set up for all to view.