There is one stop still left for this fabulous workshop with Rachael Ryan which will take place on May 26th at the Annapolis Royal Library.


SOFAAR Workshop with Rachel Ryan

Fabric Collage & Thread Painting

May 26, 2019, 10:30 to 4:3

Cost:SOFAAR members: $25; Non-members: $50
Workshop Description


This workshop is an informal one day class in which Rachel will recreate her own relaxed working process: participants will be encouraged to engage in hands-on ‘play’ rather than overthinking the concept. The point is not necessarily to have an end product, rather to become comfortable with process and technique.

Using a variety of fabrics and a fusible iron-on product, participants will create applique compositions. The pieces will then be embroidered using free-motion technique. Rachel will be available for technical assistance and creative feedback. Finishing techniques will also be discussed.

Workshop Preparation

Begin preparing for the workshop by assembling a bag or box of
fabric scraps for using and sharing. Choose items that give you ideas,
make you happy or give you a spark. Special things can be set aside for personal use, but

sharing is encouraged. This can help to inspire ideas in others. Make sure to have a few larger pieces of fabric to use as potential background or borders. Please don’t worry about buying all new fabrics! Rachel will be bringing lots of scraps if you don’t have much.

Participants will be expected to bring their own sewing machine, iron and a variety of threads and fabric scraps to share with one another, but if someone doesn’t have a machine or iron, they can borrow Rachel’s.

If you have a preferred type of fusible web you may bring it along, but Rachel will bring a quantity of Heat n’ Bond Lite that you can buy from her. You may also bring an image to work from if you choose, or simply have a theme, pattern, or colour scheme to play with.


If you have photos which inspire ideas for your project, they can be brought along, but for this workshop we will focus on having fun and playing with colour/pattern/fabric rather than going for photo-realism. A nice selection of sewing machine threads and hand embroidery threads/needles are also a good idea if you enjoy working with them. We will be working fairly small scale to encourage playing with different kinds of stitches and techniques.

Other items to think about would be scissors, quilting pins, sewing machine accessories and a small piece of blanket-weight quilt batting, and anything else that inspires you or that you enjoy working with. And bring along a lunch since it’s a full day.

To Register

Register by contacting You may pay at the door.