SOFAAR Annual General Meeting 2021

Normally SOFAAR holds its AGM in March but given the present Covid-19 restrictions in Nova Scotia the Board of Directors has delayed the meeting until it is safe for all members to attend. The Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks informs us that if a meeting cannot be held according to the current Health Protection Act Order it enables a society to postpone it for a further 90 days after the state of emergency is lifted. 

Everything decided on at the March, 2020, AGM remains in place until we are able to meet safely. The Directors remain the same and financial statements and other documents are sent to the registry after we hold our AGM. 

An important part of our AGM is our spectacular Stash Sale and Give-away and the stash is continuing to grow with generous donations from our members and friends. We look forward to meeting with you all, not only to tend to the necessary annual business of the society but to find good homes for the fabric and fibre that has been collected so far.