Upcoming events for 2018

For information about these events or to participate, please e-mail us at
We would love to have you. All events are open to all SOFAAR members in all media and all levels of fibre crafting.

  1. June 1st and June 2nd 2018: Work in Progress. Members’ exhibit.212 St-George St, Annapolis Royal
  2. August 31st to October 3rd 2018. East meets West: Joint exhibit with the Vancouver Island Surface Design Association. King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal/Vancouver Island
  3. September 2nd to October 13th 2018. Art of Fibre. Members’ curated exhibit. ARCAC Chapel Gallery, Annapolis Royal.
  4. September 28th to 30th 2018. Fabulous Fall Fibre Retreat:  Hillsdale House Inn, Annapolis Royal (spots still available!)