When you join SOFAAR you complete an application form indicating your areas of interest and other particulars. The information you provided on these forms is added to the membership roll and is used by SOFAAR in the following ways:

  • Your areas of interest are consolidated with those of other members. This summary is used by the board and the programming committee to arrange talks, tailor workshops and organize events aiming for a broad appeal.
  • Your Email address is added to the mailing list managed by the communications committee and is used by Mail Chimp to send the Snippets Newsletter and any other information emails to the membership. The membership mailing list is not provided to any other organization.
  • The list of member names is used by SOFAAR’s Facebook administrators to manage the participants of the SOFAAR Group.
  • The expiry date of your membership triggers a renewal reminder email so you don’t miss any newsletters or events. (Note: With the 6 month membership extension granted during the pandemic, no memberships are due until at least September.)
  • Whether you are joining for the first time, or renewing your membership, your mailing address is used to send your membership card.

In these times with concerns regarding data privacy prevalent in our world, the SOFAAR board felt it was important you be aware of how the information you provided to SOFAAR is used.