SOFAAR presents Our Architectural Heritage

NOTE: May 24th, 2020: Due to the present uncertainty regarding the easing of restrictions on public gatherings in Nova Scotia, SOFAAR has cancelled our annual members’ exhibition Our Architectural Heritage, planned for June and July 2020, in the Chapel Gallery, Annapolis Royal.
We hope to reschedule the show for the summer and fall of 2021.
You now have lots of time to finish your project!


Call for entry and guidelines

All members of SOFAAR are invited to participate in the annual members’ exhibition at the Chapel Gallery at ARTsPLACE in Annapolis Royal from June 14 to August 2, 2020.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is Our Architectural Heritage. We’re defining a heritage home or other architectural structure as one that is at least 100 years old, more or less.

We originally launched this exhibition with the theme of Heritage Homes but we have expanded the parameters to include our wider architectural heritage.

In addition to houses members may also consider old barns, churches, schools, lighthouses, RR stations, bridges, etc. as inspiration for their entry.

You can use an image of a building from any time period, from when it was built until the present day. You may opt to create a realistic image of the home or use an abstract interpretation. You can present a view of the entire house or pick one feature (an interesting window or door, perhaps) or a collage of different features. Any fibre medium or combination is permissible, so you have lots of creative possibilities.

There are approximately 2600 heritage homes in Annapolis County to choose from. See the community mapping website for information and photos.


Here are some things to keep in mind when you are preparing for the exhibition;

– You are invited to submit one or two pieces of your choice. Entries will not be juried.

– Each entry may not exceed 150” in perimeter. The Chapel Gallery is a small and intimate space.

– We ask that you include a full digital image of your work for each entry.  This helps us plan the layout for the gallery before installation.

– Email your photos to info@sofaar.ca with the following information for each entry by the deadline for receipt of entries, Thursday, June 4, 2020.