Coming Soon: 2020 SOFAAR Members’ Exhibition

Theme: SOFAAR presents our Architectural Heritage.

SOFAAR’s 2020 Members’ Exhibition will give you an opportunity to stretch your creative muscle and create an original work. The theme is SOFAAR presents our Architectural Heritage and the exhibition will run from June 14 through August 2 at ARTsPLACE in Annapolis Royal, which will coincide with the Annapolis Royal Historical Gardens House & Garden Tour.

We’re defining  heritage architecture as a building that is at least 100 years old. You can use an image of a home, barn, church, school, RR station, bridge etc., from any time period, from when it was built until the present day. You may opt to create a realistic image of the building or use an abstract interpretation. You can present a view of the entire building or pick one feature (an interesting window or door, perhaps) or a collage of different features. Any fibre medium or combination is permissible. So you have lots of creative possibilities.

There are around 2600 heritage homes in Annapolis County to choose from plus many other buildings. See the community mapping website Old Homes of Annapolis County for information and photos.

It’s not too soon to select your subject and start thinking about how you would like to represent it in fibre.

Because the Chapel Gallery is small, we have set a size limit of 150 inches in perimeter on the pieces. We’re finalizing the call for entry and guidelines now and those will be in the January issue of Snippets – our member newsletter.